Bike Rack

slide out bike rack

Since the van is also Sujay’s daily driver, one of his requirements was to be able to keep both his mountain and road bikes in the van. Keeping them mounted on the roof wasn’t ideal since:

  • It’s quite difficult for one person to lift the bikes up onto the roof
  • Fuel economy reduces by around 2-3 mpg having bikes on the roof
  • Risk of theft
  • Not pimpin’

So, we came up with this system of a removable internal bike rack that has worked really well.

The bikes are fork-mounted on a tray that is mounted on heavy duty locking drawer slides. The slides themselves are mounted on a base which is attached to the floor of the van using a quick disconnect system. During the week, the bikes remain in the van. When we’re road trippin’, the whole rack assembly sits in the garage.

Pretty convenient and sooo pimpin’.