Systems Overview

This is the REALLY fun part! Pimpin’ out your ride with the sickest features, functions and creature comforts!

There are lots of little details to figure out, especially if you’re not very handy with electrical or plumbing work. Our intention for these pages is to give you a quick overview with simple examples, so that you can digest it all without getting too overwhelmed (because we dealt with that a lot!).

Once you have a clearer picture of these systems, you’ll realize it’s probably not as complicated as it might initially seem, and then you can really dive into the details and design your camper’s systems according to your needs and available space.

This website is geared towards building a weekender-style camper – so, the assumption is that your needs are going to be pretty basic. With these basic building blocks, you can scale up your systems to your desired levels of epicness.