Electrical System

Camper van Electrical system overview

The electrical system is the most essential of the van systems. Any appliance you install in the van is going to require power – you will need to install a power supply system that is independent of the vehicle’s main battery, so you don’t drain the battery when the engine is off. 

It’s really easy and cost-effective to set up a simple electrical system – all you need is the right battery and a charger. You can then hook up your appliances to the battery. If you’re using your camper mostly for weekend trips, you can probably get by with just a battery charger that you can plug into your wall socket at home – no need for solar panels or charging from the alternator.

If you need a primer on some of the basic concepts and terminology, check out the Electrical Basics page below. To learn how to wire electrical circuits and about the tools you’ll need, check out the Wiring Basics page.

The Electrical System Design page has all the deets on how to set up your own system. And head over to the Wiring Diagrams page for some beautiful artwork.