Wiring Diagrams

Here are our wiring diagrams. Things can very confusing very quickly if you try to include every detail on the same diagram, so we created several diagrams, each focusing on different aspects of the electrical system.

Overview Diagram

The diagram below provides an overview of the entire system. Details of how each device is wired, is not included.

Electrical System Wiring Diagram for camper van

Wiring Appliances To The Fuse Block

This simplest of diagrams shows how an appliance like the fan can be connected to the fuse block with its appropriate fuse. The main diagram above shows how the fuse block is connected to the rest of the system.

Fuse Block Wired

Charging System Diagram

This diagram provides details on how the charging system is set up. More details are in the Charging tab of the Electrical System Design page.

Electrical Layout annotated for camper van battery

Fridge Circuit With Remote Switch & Relay

This circuit shows how we wired our fridge with an on/off switch and a relay. See the Fridge page for more details.

Fridge Wiring Diagram for camper van