mercedes metris camper conversion at night

Camper conversion, simplified

Welcome to our camper conversion website! Whether you’re just van dreamin’ or actually in the process of building a camper, we hope this site provides you with some solid information and inspiration to create your own bad-ass adventure-mobile! Or sweet, cozy cabin on wheels – if that’s more your style.

While researching for our van build, we found very few resources aimed at converting a small and simple, weekender style camper van. There’s a ton of van build information on the internet, but most of it is aimed at full time van-lifers. And it can get pretty overwhelming.

Hence this website! We wanted to share how it’s not only pretty straightforward, but also really enjoyable, to create a comfortable living space in a fairly compact vehicle.

mercedes metris layout sketch

There are many great ways to build a camper customized just the way you want it. With this website, we wanted to share our experiences building this van, which has worked out so well for us.

As challenging as camper conversion can be, the rewards it brings are worth every one of those moments of frustration. We hope to leave you inspired and totally stoked to create your own! We’re no experts – when we started our build, we didn’t even know what a jig saw was. So, yeah. You got this.

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