Time + Cost Overview

Converting our Metris into a camper cost us just over $5,000. We primarily worked on the van on weekends and weekday evenings, as both of us were working full-time. Within about 2 months of starting the project, we went on our first trip in the van. At this point, the van had the bare essentials: a bed, insulation, and heat.

After about 5 months, the van was essentially complete – storage compartments, walls, and running water. All that remained were the finishing touches: building the storage racks, lining the drawers, staining the walls etc. We finished these smaller projects at a fairly leisurely pace, enjoying the lack of pressure and the natural flow of creativity. Eight months in, and our to-do list had all but disappeared.

Cost breakdown

$820Propex HS2000 heater
$700Swivel seat adapters
$600Building materials (wood, hardware, etc.)
$350Roof rack cross bars
$339CTEK battery chargers
$325Bike rack drawer slides
$322Wool Insulation
$223Renogy 100 Ah Battery
$215Maxxair fan
$320Water System
$130Cedar wall paneling
$100Igloo Fridge
$64Noico sound deadening mats
$40Automotive carpet
$38Fuse block
$36Water sprayer & hose
$28Plastic drawer liner material
$20Propane hose & gauge
$5,340Approximate Total Cost