privacy curtains for front of van

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Our curtain is probably the cheapest van ‘feature’. We wanted to install one towards the front of the van for privacy, and to block out street lights when sleeping.

We picked up the material for the curtain at a yard sale for $2. The material already had the existing ‘tie-backs’ to hold the curtain up (we had to look up drapery terminology for this one), so it mainly just needed to be trimmed to the dimensions we needed. Once the curtain was trimmed and sewed, we searched the house and came up with four metal key rings and looped them into the curtain tie-backs. We then screwed four small hooks into the van ceiling to hold up the key rings.

curtains being held up by key rings and hooks

We used a small flexible rubber gear tie that we had lying around, to keep the curtain together when stowed. One end of the gear tie is tucked behind the wall paneling, and the other end wraps around the curtain to keep it in place.

flexible wire holding curtains in place

All done within $5, and the hooks also serve as a key ring, because Sujay is always losing the van keys!