mercedes metris rear slide out drawers

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Rear Drawers Design

One huge advantage of having a full-size bed, is the potential for the storage space underneath it. We used SketchUp to develop ideas for utilizing this space, and for figuring out the dimensions. This simple drawer system has worked really well for us.

We designed the bed frame to be in three longitudinal sections – one on either end, and one in the middle. This allowed us to have two separate drawers, 3 ft deep, 18 in wide and 18 in tall – pretty spacious.

SketchUp_Systems Layout

The drawers themselves are made from 1/2″ thick plywood sheets screwed together to form a box, and are installed on the bed frame using extension drawer slides.

We used magnets attached to the rear of the drawers, to keep them in place and prevent them from sliding open while driving.

camper van rear slide out drawers open

The front of the drawers were cut using a jig saw, providing an ergonomic way to grab them to open. We used PVC liners on the inside of the drawers, to make it easy to keep them clean. The LED string lights we installed on the underside of the bed slats keep the drawers nicely lit in the dark.