side door storage pockets

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Storage for the side door

Officially for bedside storage, this caddy is perfect for attaching to the sliding side door, as it is narrow enough to allow the door to slide open without anything dragging along the outside of the van. The pockets make great holders for our silverware, spatulas and knives, and even our delightful little broom.


The side door had no good means to attach things to it, so we had to get creative. We carved a 1/8″ inch plywood board in the shape of the door, and attached it to the door using just zip-ties. The zip-ties were passed through gaps in the supporting beams of the door. Probably not the most official way of attaching things, but seems pretty darn strong to us. We also padded the back side of the plywood with sheep’s wool, for insulation. The wool is just held in place by duct tape. Jugaad at it’s finest.

sliding side door plywood covering

Jugaad (noun) : the use of skill and imagination to find an easy solution to a problem using cheap, basic items.

We then covered the plywood panel with automotive carpeting. At this point we were able to simply use short screws to drill the pocket caddy directly onto the plywood panel. And voila! Side door pockets!