ravioli (van fan noise buffer)

MaxxAir fan noise dampener

After we installed the fan and took it for a drive, we noticed that the fan caused a lot of wind noise. It was like having a window open. If it was windy, the noise was especially loud. To fix that, we created what we call the Ravioli. 

Made from leftover curtain material and sheep’s wool insulation, the Ravioli really works well to muffle the wind noise. The van is noticeably quieter when the Ravioli is in place.

sewing the van fan ravioli

To attach the Ravioli to the roof, we stuck Velcro strips on the fan’s bevel and sewed them on the corresponding edges of the Ravioli. When we’re driving, we cover the fan with the Ravioli. When we’re camping and the fan is open, it serves as an additional pillow. Lovely.

fan sound buffer