Trash Bin

During our car camping days, our trash system was just a loose plastic grocery bag. And when we needed it, we never knew where it was. But safe to assume it was buried under a pile of gear. So we equipped the van with a conveniently located trash bin, and it is oh so glorious. It’s the little things, as they say.

The front corner of our bed slightly overhangs over the frame underneath, creating a little cubby area – this space was too small to do much with, but it was just sufficient for a trash bin.

With some spare wood, hinges, and a magnetic latch, our trash ‘bin’ was born… a little makeshift, but so functional.

The ‘bin’ is actually just a loose grocery bag. One of its handles is secured by wrapping it around a screw we installed on the bed frame, and the other handle is clasped within the lid. This way, the bag always remains open, ready to receive empty beer cans or coffee grounds. The location is perfect, too – right by the door, and accessible whether we’re standing outside, sitting on the bed or in the swivel seats.