under bed storage boxes have lighting above

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Food & Cookware Storage Drawers

Our food and cookware storage system consists of two drawers that slide underneath the front side of the bed. These were built just like our rear drawers, and are made out of 1/2″ thick plywood sheets, screwed together to form a box. The drawers are held in place by a pair of strong magnets mounted to the bed frame. This allows us to easily slide the drawers out all the way, and also take them out of the van, if needed.

One drawer is used for all our non-refrigerated food, while the other stores all the cookware. The cookware drawer has a hinged lid on it, which is the surface upon which we usually cook. Be sure to check out the Kitchen section to learn more about our cooking setup.

We used a jig saw to carve a pretty simple but functional opening by which to grab the box and pull it out from under the bed. The front of the drawers are adorned with leftover wall paneling.

In order to minimize rattling on the road, we covered the inside of these storage drawers with automotive carpeting. We also used a couple of thin plywood pieces and metal book-ends (both also covered in felt) to help create compartments within the cookware box.

Each time we slide a plate or pan into its perfectly designed cozy space, it just feels… right.

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